July 05, 2018

Team Gerbera by Dümmen Orange® is in top form!

A catalogue full of high-profile newcomers and trusted bestsellers in sparkling colours: Dümmen Orange is all set for the new Gerbera season.

A catalogue full of high-profile newcomers and trusted bestsellers in sparkling colours: Dümmen Orange is all set for the new Gerbera season.

Its flower shapes are getting more spectacular, its colours become ever brighter and more saturated and its quality gets even better each year. At Dümmen Orange a new generation of premier league gerberas is ready to conquer the floral scene. As a cut flower, gerbera is truly trending .It's highly popular among millennials and it is ever more in demand for solo and mono arrangements. Also, in modern field bouquets Gerbera is much sought-after. It's good to see how all quality improvements are really paying off.

Go Gerbera, go!
To let the strength and top form of the new varieties shine through, Dümmen Orange found  inspiration for their names once again in successful former soccer icons, just like last year. The response was so encouraging this theme had been continued for the novelties of 2018-2019, also with the current World Cup in mind. In the brochure 22 strong newcomers are presented with names like Canizares, Scholes, Henry, Bojan, Zanetti, Nedved, Enrique, Thuram and Leonardo. Dümmen Orange is positive they're capable of excellent scores in the flower industry.

Top class players
A good gerbera name has to be short, powerful and recognizable. "Also, all names should be legally verified," says Roy van Kester, marketing specialist at Dümmen Orange. "Some names are protected, others have a different meaning in other languages or are just too difficult to pronounce. The great thing about naming our new gerberas after soccer stars is that those names ring a bell on an international level. We've stayed away from all too familiar names like Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar, simply because these VIP's have already built a brand around themselves."

Future potential
"We prefer English, Spanish and Brazilian names because they sound pleasantly and offer an international appeal," says product manager Eric Boerlage. "Considering there are some 20 teams taking part in the World Cup right now, there's plenty to choose from. So, it's a good thing Dümmen Orange not only offers the best and the brightest in the catalogue for 2018-2019 but is also already working on new floral power players for the future. Both the results in the greenhouse and trade numbers prove that gerbera offers huge potential to be victorious on all fronts."

Welcome to the training facilities!
Team Gerbera NL would very much like to introduce you to its bestsellers and novelties. All our Gerbera stars, new introductions and the varieties that are still in progress can be viewed as from August 20th 2018 at Mijnsherenweg 33, Kudelstaart, The Netherlands.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment, please contact Eric Boerlage (E.Boerlage@DummenOrange.com or Roy van Kester (R.VanKester@DummenOrange.com, we're here to help.

We wish you a colourful season with strong results!

Team Gerbera NL