FlowerTrials 2024

Hello and welcome! 


Get a first impression of our highlight products for this year’s FlowerTrials anniversary year, but be sure to come and see them in real life. 




Scaevola Scala Cappello Purple

Introducing the new Scala Cappello Purple, a Scaevola with compact genetics that require minimal PGR. Its upright habit and stunning color contrast promise an extraordinary garden display, offering beauty with ease of care and superb garden performance.

Big EEZE Pink Batik

Reveal the beauty of Big EEZE Pink Batik, the pelargonium with the most stable batik pattern on the market. This interspecific Pelargonium is heat tolerant with a unique flower color. It's ideal for medium to larger pots, offering an upright habit. An eye-catcher in any space.

Pink & Proud

Pink & Proud is a captivating pot carnation boasting unique pink hues, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its eye-catching appearance makes it a standout choice in any retail shop, adding charm to any space.