May 29, 2019

Next Gen Basewell™ Series Presented at FlowerTrials® 2019

Dümmen Orange reveals new assortment for the European market

Dümmen Orange presents its assortment and latest developments at FlowerTrials® 2019 in the Netherlands and Germany including the launch of a brand new series of Basewell™ products for the European market.

The Basewell family keeps on growing! Following our successful introduction at IPM in Essen, Dümmen Orange now presents the next generation of Basewell products for the European market at FlowerTrials 2019.

What’s new?
At this year’s FlowerTrials, Dümmen Orange presents the new Basewell products that will become available for the European market in 2020. At our locations in the Netherlands and Germany we will display trial strips for:
o Pelargonium (Sarita, Big Eeze)
o Coleus (Great Falls, Main Street, Stained Glassworks)
o Dahlia (Dahlinova, Hypnotica, Temptation, XXL)
o NG Impatiens (Magnum, Petticoat, Sunstanding, Sweetie, Tamarinda)
o Osteospermum (Margarita)

Next to these new products, our customers can already order our commercially available Basewell products of the pelargonium series Savannah and  Survivor, for full strip as well as for single plug.

Basewell is the next step in the future of horticulture, it is a new product form produced at off-shore farms that combines the benefits of unrooted cuttings and rooted cuttings. It is more mature than an unrooted cutting, with visible root development making it possible to plant directly into a finished container. Basewell is fast and efficient to transplant with no losses. The rooted cuttings respond quick after transplant and grow uniformly. Basewell allows growers to significantly reduce labour and reduce propagation greenhouse space. Basewell allows growers to adhere much closer to their planned schedules by further eliminating the variables in the propagation processes and delays in liner to production transport processes.


For more information please contact:
Tristian Bentvelsen – Head of Commercial Operations West-East Europe  / M. +31 624 664 112