September 02, 2019

Long-awaited meeting at the exhibition FlowersExpo

Florists from Russia and the CIS states are very much looking forward to meeting the specialists from the company Dümmen Orange.

Florists from Russia and the CIS states are very much looking forward to meeting the specialists from the company Dümmen Orange. It is interesting to ask why that is? The most suitable person to answer this question is the global marketing specialist of Dümmen Orange, Roy van Kester. Currently this international giant in flower selection and production is actively preparing for the annual FlowersExpo exhibition held in Moscow. Nevertheless, Mr. Kester did find the time in his busy schedule to satisfy the curiosity of our readers.

Roy, every year your company stand is represented by the true professionals of this industry. Who is going to be part of the delegation of Dümmen Orange at the FlowersExpo this year?
At this exhibition, at our stand A150 (Holland Pavilion) our company will be represented by a team of my colleagues: Marchel den Haan, Perivar Braat, Ted van Dijk, Tristan Bentvelsen. All four of them are recognised as specialists who know our products and who are interested in sales of our company and in success of our customers. They are prepared not just to meet you but also to share valuable information with florists, decorators, buyers, sellers and many other.

What kind of flowers and plants are going to be presented at your stand?
This will certainly be cut flowers such as chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, calla lilies, lilies, kalanchoe, as well as potted chrysanthemum, violets, succulents and potted anthurium.

There are over 7 thousand florists and decorators expected to visit this exhibition. Is there something special they can expect to see at your stand?
This year we have prepared lots of promotional materials: information flyers and posters, pens, handy bloc notes and separate promotional materials for the new chrysanthemum brand Pina Colada. The communication between my colleagues and visitors will be supported by our friendly interpreters, this way no question will remain unanswered.

In anticipation of this exhibition you have already started the promotional campaign of your new chrysanthemum brand Pina Colada. Would you like to add some information about this campaign?
In fact the promotional campaign of the new chrysanthemum brand of Dümmen Orange – Pina Colada has started in May this year. We begun to present this flower to our exporters. We have created an opportunity for them to get acquainted with the positive features of Pina Colada in great detail. Today in Russia, everybody certainly knows our pride, rose Avalanche+. Our ambitions concerning the new chrysanthemum brand are definitely not less than that! We want to make Pina Colada not simply a flower of a new sort but a brand recognizable along the whole chain of the flower business. Currently we are launching an active process popularizing it in Russia. This is something I already told you in my first interview for your platform:-

I’m convinced that particularly Pina Colada will be desired by florists because of it is positive and eye-catching qualities: voluminous and lush flower, strong and firm, maintaining its high decorative qualities during a long time. Even after a long journey to Russia. Another great benefit is that precisely this sort can be bought throughout the whole year without any seasonal interruptions. During the last three years we have done a lot of work on this flower to obtain the desired qualities and advantages. Lots of tests and try outs were conducted before we could present this novelty at the prestigious exhibition FlowersExpo in Moscow.

You will recognise it straight away, Pina Colada is a white and yellow flower with a green heart inside, several flowers on stem that is ideally suited for both bouquets as well as flower arrangements in any composition.

Summarizing our miniature interview I would like to reply to a question posed to me at the very beginning: why do florists eagerly await the arrival of Dümmen Orange at FlowersExpo? I will not be making a mistake if I say that this plant selection breeder is one of the partners on the Russian market which has believed in the Russian market. In wholesalers, in cash and carry shops and in Russian florists. Together with them Dümmen Orange has conducted many interesting and valuable campaigns in various cities from Moscow and Saint Petersburg till Novosibirsk. Participants of those campaigns were florists whose names are well known these days. I will name just those famous professional campaigns such as the triumph campaign with calla lilies in Moscow, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Perm. Participants of it were the studio “Siberian Orchid”, the studio of Bermyakovy, Araik Galstyan, Yelena Butko, Slava Roska, Natalia Veselova and many others. Moreover, for several years our company Dümmen Orange traditionally supports festivals as well as public and cultural events significant for the city of Saint Petersburg.

I’m convinced that the stand of Dümmen Orange will once more become a magnet for old friends and partners and the main attraction will be the season’s novelty, the unforgettable chrysanthemum Pina Colada! Hope to see you soon!


Publication: Flower Experience