March 27, 2017

Gerbera flowers for smile guarantees

Dümmen Orange takes part in campaign ‘Summertime, Gerberatime’

The Netherlands, Kudelstaart - March 27 2017 - The bright spring months cannot wish for a more striking star than the Gerbera flower. Coloured by Gerbera started the campaign ‘Summertime, Gerberatime’ and Dümmen Orange gladly joins in. The cheerful, photogenic flower likes to play a smashing title role. When you take a picture of the Gerbera with time Lapse photography, you’ll come to a stunning conclusion. The colourful flower turns her radiating ‘face’ always towards the sun, so she can catch all the rays. And reflect them back to everyone that sees her! No wonder that the Gerbera conquered the hearts of many and shines bright in the Top 5 of favourite flowers. The flower gives instant smile guarantees. And is therefore the perfect way to wish anyone the best and loveliest.             

All the colours of the rainbow
In the past decades, more than three hundred Gerbera races saw the light of life and they are available in every colour of the rainbow! Therefor the Gerbera is not only the sunniest of flowers, but also the most versatile. This sunny bringer of spring thanks her name to the Dutch botanist Gronovius who (re)discovered the flower at the end of the eighteenth century. And named it after his most appreciated colleague Dr. Traugott Gerber who described the plant earlier. Breeding began around 1890 in England whereby the natural beauty of the flower and the many colour variations were being emphasised. The popularity of the Gerbera soon became borderless and the flower is loved all over the world. At Dümmen Orange we already can boast forty years of knowledge in the breeding of the beaming Gerbera.

Happy messenger
Helping us express our thoughts and feelings: that’s just one thing at which the Gerbera is an absolute star. Cheerful greetings at birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, thank-you and many other positive sentiments are being underlined triply with the colour explosion that a mixed bouquet of Gerbera’s give. Therefor it’s not a coincidence that the flower can count on a host of admirers in the field of stylists and artists. The five top sellers of Dümmen Orange are called Plot®, Terra Saffier™, Cookies n’ Cream, Voldemort® and Sun spot® and the flower even commits itself to charity. During International Women’s Day, yearly on March 8th, the pink Gerbera stands for beauty and power.

Would you like to learn more about the Gerberas of Dümmen Orange? Check out our site at You can also admire them live when you visit the more than three hundred Gerbera species at Mijnsherenweg in Kudelstaart, the Netherlands.

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