June 28, 2019

Festive opening of Dümmen Orange Show Garden in De Kwakel

Once the last plant went into the ground, the garden was declared officially open

Dümmen Orange celebrated the official opening of its new show garden in De Kwakel during the FlowerTrials® 2019.

The new show garden located at Hoofdweg 119 in De Kwakel was officially opened on Thursday, 13 June 2019 by Biense Visser (CEO, Dümmen Orange) and Robin Reurings (Nursery Manager, Dümmen Orange). The ceremony was attended by the company's employees, FlowerTrials visitors and members of Perennial Power, a foundation for promoting perennial plants, with which Dümmen Orange is also affiliated.

The garden exhibits more than 150 products. Most are Dümmen Orange perennials, but also their bedding products, calla lilies and succulents plus open-source genetics from their third-party rooted cuttings catalogue are included.

The opening ceremony consisted of planting the last perennial in the ground: a Gaura 'Graceful White'. The show garden was thus declared officially open. Following the ceremony, those attending took the opportunity to take a close look at the new show garden.

The project started in 2018 with the creation of a garden design and other specific preparations, and its layout and construction along with the paving and the building of the pergolas began at the end of that year. The final planting was carried out both before and after the winter.

The show garden will be open to visitors throughout the year, but its maintenance is scheduled to keep it the most attractive during the FlowerTrials and Plantarium events.