January 24, 2018

Famous rose family Avalanche+® welcomes new addition

Romantic, elegant and adorable top quality.

Romantic, elegant and adorable top quality
Famous rose family Avalanche+® welcomes new addition

Meet Adore Avalanche+®, a new rose in the floral major league, that offers classical romance and all things that you would expect from a modern top rose.

Tender pale petals, with fairytale-like fresh green lines on the outside and a strong and elegant stem – growers at Van den Berg Roses could hardly believe their eyes when they came across this mutant of Dümmen Orange's Avalanche+® in their greenhouse. "It's a very special colour," commercial manager Jos van der Meijs of Van den Berg Roses says. "It reminds of pink champagne and the ballet paintings by Degas. We immediately knew we wanted to work with this special rose. After over a year of testing, to be absolutely sure it meets our highest quality standards, Adore Avalanche+® is now ready for its international debut. We are very proud to add this special beauty to our assortment."

The rose that always fully opens
Avalanche+® is a much awarded Dutch top rose. The rose, created by top hybridizer Dümmen Orange, is very strong, offers an impressive vase life up to 14 days and has a unique feature: its beautiful bud always fully opens. Avalanche+® also has gorgeous herbaceous leaves, stems with surprisingly few thorns and great charisma, it's a favourite for royal and celebrity weddings. Avalanche+® is year round available in white and multi-pastels, including the lovely warm powdery pink of Adore+.

Adorable softness
The romantic character of Adore Avalanche+® makes it a perfect rose for bridal flowers and subtle Valentine's arrangements. It is also a great asset to mono and mixed bouquets that need a little glamour. The colour is a great match with reds, pinks and peachy hues and gets a little extra allure with gold-coloured accents. Adore Avalanche+® is 6-7 cm across on stems that vary between 40 and 80 cm. Year-round available, to rock your business.

Kudelstaart, January 24 2018