June 01, 2017

Dutch gerbera adds a splash of color to The Color Run

On Sunday May 28, the 10th edition of The Color Run took place in Amsterdam: the world’s first color run event.

On Sunday May 28, the 10th edition of The Color Run took place in Amsterdam:  the world’s first color run event. The Sloterpark in Amsterdam was the stage for a colorful but above all flower-filled event, attracting over 10,000 visitors, including many from overseas too. It was a very special edition this time. The 100,000th runner crossed the finish line, the theme was Flower Power and Coloured by Gerbera was the official partner!

Partying with 25,000 gerberas
The Color Run was looking for a colorful and cheerful flower to emphasize the Flower Power theme and found this in the Dutch gerbera. Coloured by Gerbera supplied more than 25,000 Dutch gerberas to the organizers of The Color Run. These gerberas were used to brighten up the entire event site and the podium. Color Runners could not avoid the gerbera during the event. At the entrance the runners received a gerbera, the whole site was decorated with gerberas and gerberas were handed out at the finish line. People had gerberas in their hair, tied around their arms and legs, and on their shoes. The utmost creativity was on display here. The colorful gerbera is ideal for this event. Young people partying with gerberas. Anyone who mentions ‘Color Run’, mentions ‘gerberas’!

Colorful partnership
As well as providing the gerberas, Coloured by Gerbera also played an active role on site. Participants could attend a workshop to create cheerful gerbera garlands, bouquets of gerberas were on sale and there was a photo point where people could have a victory photo taken. All day people stood in line in order to stand on the podium with its gerbera wall and have their photo taken against this cheery backdrop. More than 500 photos were taken and around 1,500 to 2,000 Color Runners were photographed. Afterwards, they were given a card with details of the Coloured by Gerbera Facebook page where all the photos were posted the next day. People have since shared, liked and tagged them many times.

Gerbera goes online
During The Color Run, atmosphere photos has been created and placed on the Facebook accounts of Coloured by Gerbera and Dümmen Orange. So, relive the day.


Coloured by Gerbera

Dümmen Orange