June 04, 2019

Dümmen Orange shows mix of new features and products at FlowerTrials® 2019

Dümmen Orange shows its latest products in plants and cut flowers at new location in De Kwakel, the Netherlands and Rheinberg, Germany including the launch of Basewell™ and GreenGuard Poinsettias for the European market

After two years at an external location in Naaldwijk we’re bringing back the FlowerTrials to one of our own locations in the Netherlands: Hoofdweg 119 in De Kwakel, where we will also present our brand new, beautiful showgarden! The showgarden at our German location Dammweg 20 in Rheinberg is stunning as ever. Besides these official FlowerTrials locations we will also welcome visitors in the Netherlands at our cut chrysanthemum trial location, Oude Campsweg 35C in De Lier. We will open our doors from Tuesday the 11th until Friday the 14th of June.

We’ll focus on our ground breaking rooting technology Basewell. In order to highlight this, we created a contest for visitors in which they can win their own Basewell bike! Next to this we will also demonstrate our GreenGuard policy. And of course our new brands and wide assortment!

At this year’s FlowerTrials, Dümmen Orange presents a new generation of Basewell products that will become available for the European market in 2020. At our locations we will display trial strips for:
o Pelargonium (Sarita, Big Eeze)
o Coleus (Great Falls, Main Street, Stained Glassworks)
o Dahlia (Dahlinova, Hypnotica, Temptation, XXL)
o NG Impatiens (Magnum, Petticoat, Sunstanding, Sweetie, Tamarinda)
o Osteospermum (Margarita)

Next to these new products, our customers can already order our commercially available Basewell products pelargonium Savannah and pelargonium Survivor, for full strip as well as for single plug.

GreenGuard is the new protocol in the industry to meet growers and consumer demand. The result  are sustainable grown products by our customers, resulting from the Dümmen Orange GreenGuard production at our mother stock locations. By minimizing the use of chemical plant protection products, Dümmen Orange enables customers to introduce beneficials immediately to their crop.

Osteospermum - Margarita Double Yellow
The new osteospermum series Margarita Double with its’ large and double flowers has a round shape and a compact growth with excellent branching. This compact variety fits from 10,5 to 13 cm pots. Margarita Double is available in three different colours: yellow, pink and white. It shows an excellent performance in beds, balcony boxes and big pots and is easy in care for the consumer.

Perennials - Phlox Flame® Pro
The phlox Flame Pro series is a curated sub series within the grower-favorite Flame series. All five colours flower within seven days of each other, making them great for row run production and harvest. A highly programmable series, Flame Pro matches in habit and bloom time, with great branching and consistent leaf size. A long flowering window, paired with vibrant colors and large umbels, make this a perfect choice for retail sales from late spring into summer. Plants reach a mature height of 35-40cm tall and are hardy.

Anthurium - Red Bull
What’s not to love about anthuriums? For consumers they’re really easy to care for, plus they give you that feel of the tropics right away. As the name Red Bull already suggests, the plant has a lot of energy with a compact plant structure. Its’ flowers are dark and shiny, giving them an intense red color. Due to the plant’s dark green leaves, the flowers stand out even more. The large size of the flower is contributing to this effect, making Red Bull suitable for 12cm pots.

Coleus - Freaky Leaves
Freaky Leaves is a new retail concept to promote our special coleus collection. With new colours and special leaf forms, our coleus breeding is tracking lots of attention. Uniform upright varieties, hanging types and eye-catching colours turning coleus more and more into a standalone plant and a must-have for the point of sale. It’s a very easy plant and fits the green, natural, jungle style trends.

Pot Calla - Peter's Pride
Peter’s Pride is our most exciting new addition to the pink calla range. It stands out with many attractive bright pink blooms on maculated dark green foliage. Its’ large flowers have a romantic ruffled edge. The flower power of this variety is enormous, making it fit for cut flower use. This striking variety is named after Peter Beckman, one of the world’s top calla breeders.

Pot Chrysanthemum - Chrystal Solar
Chrystal Solar, the yellow decorative variety for every season. Brilliant flower quality, large flowers, decent plant volume with a good shelf life. Chrystal Solar matches perfectly with Chrystal Blanche, Chrystal Pink Flair, Chrystal Purple, Chrystal Red and Chrystal Orange. This mix of features ensures a reliable and graceful series of varieties.

Retail Presentations
We will also present our latest retail concepts. The atrium in Rheinberg will be used to show various brands like Vitamums and Iconia, at the entrance we will display our brand Freaky Leaves. All shown in fitting POS material. In De Kwakel retail concepts will be presented next to the lounge and throughout the entire location. Here you can also find a retail workshop area, which is accessible by invitation only.

Are you planning to visit one of our locations? We would like to meet you! Please share your visiting plans via e-mail with the contact person below so we can schedule an appointment for you.


For more information please contact:
Nicolette Straver – Corporate Communication Specialist
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