August 20, 2018

Dümmen Orange realises significant improvement in Anthurium production

Research leads to better quality and uniformity

Dümmen Orange realises better quality and uniformity of its Anthuriums by means of internal comparative plug research.

Dümmen Orange is working continuously on the improvement of products and processes. With this in mind, Dümmen Orange recently carried out internal comparative research into the results of rooting Anthuriums in the standard plug and in Quick Plug. The conclusion of this research was very positive: the use of Quick Plug for Anthuriums provides a significant improvement in the form of more vigorous plants and larger flowers.

This improvement is a big step forward in the quality and uniformity of our Anthuriums and delivers a higher quality product for the grower. That is why, as of week 34, all the Dümmen Orange Anthurium will be stuck in Quick Plug plugs, for all customers worldwide. The first deliveries will take place starting week 1, 2019.

For more information please contact:
Martin van Noort, Purchase / Growth Advisor Anthurium / M. +31 6 43725648