December 21, 2018

Dümmen Orange launches Basewell™ and GreenGuard Poinsettias at IPM 2019

Global plant breeder and propagator introduces innovative and sustainable technologies for the European market

Dümmen Orange, world’s largest breeder and propagator, presents its entire assortment and latest developments at IPM 2019 in Essen, Germany including the launch of Basewell™  and GreenGuard Poinsettias for the European market.  

Dümmen Orange is omnipresent at IPM 2019 by as much as three booths: 

  1. Dümmen Orange presents its entire assortment on one booth in Hall 2, including the latest innovative and sustainable developments.
  2. Dümmen Orange displays 12 square meters of its ready to sell roses on the booth of Royal FloraHolland in Hall 1 (nr. 10).
  3. Dümmen Orange shows seven retail concepts in total, with highlights such as Calandiva and I´CONIA, in the Discovery Center in Hall 8A.

Dümmen Orange’s international team will take you to the world of the Dümmen Orange pot plants, annuals, perennials, cut flowers, tropical plants and flower bulbs and will also show our successful assortment varieties and interesting novelties as well as several retail solutions.

What’s new – Innovation & Sustainability

In the Innovation Kitchen at our booth in Hall 2, visitors can experience our innovative and sustainable ways of working. A lot is going on in the kitchen, Dümmen Orange officially presents Basewell™ for the European market with trial packages for pelargoniums. Basewell™ is a new product form produced at off-shore farms that combines the benefits of unrooted cuttings and rooted cuttings. It is more mature than an unrooted cutting, with visible root development making it possible to plant directly into a finished container. Basewell™ is fast and efficient to transplant with no losses. The rooted cuttings respond quick after transplant and grow uniformly. Basewell™ allows growers to significantly reduce labour and reduce propagation greenhouse space. Basewell™ allows growers to adhere much closer to their planned schedules by further eliminating the variables in the propagation processes and delays in liner to production transport processes.

GreenGuard Poinsettias 
In another part of this booth, Dümmen Orange presents its new sustainably grown poinsettias, the latest result of our GreenGuard protocol (‘Minimal Chemicals, Maximum Quality’). With an eye for innovation and sustainability, Dümmen Orange is developing a future in which the level of chemical pesticides on our cuttings is reduced significantly to protect people and the environment. In addition, this program allows us to fulfill customer requests as the demand increases for sustainable products grown with fewer chemical pesticides. The clear path to meet these production demands is to follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management. More products will follow soon.

What’s new – Pot Plants 
At IPM, Dümmen Orange presents various new pot plants such as pot chrysanthemums, poinsettias, pot carnations as well as kalanchoe.

Pot Carnations
Our successful Confetti Garden concept is now also available for pot carnations! At IPM, we will present our new pot carnation Confetti Garden Pink Panther. This, together with our Smooches concept, makes a great package for growers to their customers. Special attention for our Peman series (also available in Confetti Garden). Peman grows very uniform and easy. It is a unique family for summer production with a high number of semi double flowers. Lastly, our season top picks are displayed with our Sprint Series in which Sprint Macy is showed as the eye catcher of this series: compact growth, early flower, no growth regulators and perfect for early sales.

Pot Chrysanthemum
During the fair Dümmen Orange will show several introductions in our pot chrysanthemum assortment. Our first new introduction will be Chrystal Solar, which combines a strong yellow color and great flower quality with a strong branching ability and leaf quality. This variety fits well with our more recent introductions in the Chrystal series. Another new highlight will be Breeze Jam which is single flowered with a strong purple colour. Our third new introduction is the Breeze Pink Flamingo pot mum. Its colour is contrasting and playful. This variety is unique in colour, raises optimistic feelings and will make consumers happy. Another new kid on the block is All Breeze, characterized by lasting green centres and a strong shelf life all year round. Additionally we will show our strong and well-known series Swifty and Cosmo. Last but not least we will present two highlights from last years’ introductions, Rainbow Circus with a unique bicolor presentation and Chrystal Romance with its strong flower quality and romantic pink colors.

At IPM 2019 Dümmen Orange presents two new varieties in red, Freya and Embla. Freya is a NanoBract type, which means that all bracts are displayed on top. Freya convinces with a great V-structure and excellent branching. Together with dark leaves and bright red bracts she is a perfect performer under retail conditions. The new Embla is very easy to pack and transport because of her upright bracts and the strong V-shape structure. Next to her bright red bracts she also convinces with a long sales window. Next to these two newcomers we will also show our best performers in red, Ferrara and Scandic Early.

Be inspired by our special coloured highlights J’Adore Pink, Autumn Leaves and the newest Golden Glo. Golden Glo shows a unique colour on the market with its bright yellow bracts, offering a nice alternative for colourful autumn and Christmas decorations. She is also an excellent choice for mini production.

The recently introduced variety Wilis is very suitable for small pot sizes. This kalanchoe has good branching and small leaves. Wilis has a very nice presentation with its large umbel and pure white flowers.

What’s new – Perennials
Dümmen Orange will show successful summer highlights from our perennial assortment as well as promising new varieties from the spring range.

Our new Aubrieta Rock On series is available in two different colours, blue and pink and convinces with a good plant habit and a lot of flowers. Saxifraga Scenic is a brand new breeding and also available in two different colours, red and white.

What’s new – Cut Flowers
Dümmen Orange presents two cut chrysanthemums highlights in Essen, Pina Colada and Bacardi White.

Pina Colada
Pina Colada has great vigour, an excellent response time and is rust resistant. Pina Colada also offers good transportability, stable bloom after transport, first class shelf life and an amazing vase life. It's an eye-catching spray chrysanthemum with outstanding qualities in every setting.

Bacardi White
Bacardi White is a robust cut chrysanthemum and offers an outstanding vase life. The flowers can be custom-dyed through its strong stem. Bacardi White withstands international transportation very well.

What’s new – Pot Callas
Dümmen Orange introduces three new pot callas at IPM, Bloody Mary, Monte Carlo and Peter’s Pride.

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary stands out with its striking red blooms on dark maculated foliage. It is great as a pot plant or cut flower. As a pot plan, Bloody Mary makes a full pot with many flowers. As a cut flower, it yields many flowers per m2 with medium to large flower size.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo is our newest yellow calla for dual usage - pot and cut. Its large blooms are golden yellow, standing out on top of lightly maculated dark green foliage. It has good shelf life and pot filling habit.

Peter's Pride
Peter’s Pride is our most exciting new addition to the pink calla range. It stands out with many attractive bright pink blooms on maculated dark green foliage. Its large flowers have romantic ruffled edge. The flower power of this variety is enormous, which makes it great for cut flower use. This striking variety is named after Peter Beckman, one of the top calla breeders in the world.

What’s new - Annuals
Dümmen Orange will be showing several next generation annuals at IPM such as I´CONIA Portofino, SweetuniaTM Miss Marvelous, Coleus and SunStanding.

I´CONIA Portofino
I´CONIA garden begonias proved to be very popular in summer. Fully flowering from May to October, I´CONIA’s big shiny flowers and strong dark leaves make this plant suitable for both sun and shade. The next generation Portofino series are compelling with a great round habit, stronger leaves, and bright double flowers on top. Our brand new I´CONIA Portofino Yellow adds a bold yellow to the colour range.

Petunia – SweetuniaTM Miss Marvelous
The successful petunia variety Miss Marvelous is a new addition to the already outstanding Sweetunia series from Dümmen Orange. Its bi-coloured flower in a deep, dark claret, lit up by a fresh metallic-white edge, adds a completely new and attractive contrasting colour scheme to our assortment. With early flowering and compact growth, it is the perfect complement to the other varieties in the series, such as Johnny Flame and Suzie Storm. Miss Marvelous is perfect for planting in containers, hanging baskets and borders where its upright growth, mounded habit and rich blooms are real eye-catchers.

With new colours and special leave forms, our new coleus breeding is tracking all attention. Uniform varieties in the Main Street series, hanging varieties from the Great Falls series and interesting new types makes coleus more and more a standalone plant and a real must have for the point of sale. It is very easy to handle for growers and consumers and fits in the green, natural, jungle style trends.

SunStanding hybrid New Guinea Impatiens has a strong adaptability to sun, heat, and humidity, but it is easy to grow in the shade as well. SunStanding satisfies with its compact growth and early flowering. This year Dümmen Orange is introducing this new series with six colours to the EMEA market. SunStanding is available in QuickTurn™ cuttings, which offers growers an extra crop turn. The cuttings are ideal for direct-stick applications. To complete this series, a colourful six pack with a SunStanding handle is available.

What’s new – Retail Solutions
At IPM, Dümmen Orange will have three new retail solutions on display, such as Potunia and Green Idols.

The famous Potunia series is very early, easy to produce and perfect for mixed containers. The nice, round Potunias with their shiny green retail materials are known as a guarantee of uniformity and quality. The series offers 23 different varieties, including many special colours.

Green Idols
This newly assembled series contains new varieties such as Green Idols Rose, a selection of the best varieties of the Green Series and the Summer Idols. Varieties with a compact growth of early flowering and round plant structure were put together to form this new series. Combined with the new Green Idols pot and the matching CC banner, Green Idols makes a summary and uniform appearance for the early sale.