July 15, 2019

Dümmen Orange and Hishtil join forces for Basewell® promotion

A key partnership that will expand the Basewell® product offering in 2020 for growers across the globe that simplifies processes, optimizes space, and saves labor

Dümmen Orange, world’s largest breeder and propagator, and Hishtil, a world leader of seedlings and young plants of herbs, ornamentals and vegetables, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint collaboration on promoting bare-rooted cuttings under one single brand: Basewell®. This new collaboration will give growers access to the best of both worlds: unsurpassed genetics and the innovative rooting technology of Basewell® that promises to simplify processes, optimize space, and save labour.

Dümmen Orange made its Basewell® annual and perennials commercially available to the North American market in 2018. This year, Dümmen Orange launched its annuals to the European market. Other Dümmen Orange Basewell® products are on their way. Dümmen Orange is focusing on broadening the Basewell®  product offering by collaborating with new partners like Hishtil in order to add more options and diversity to the assortment from which growers can choose.

This new MoU will lead to the following results:
• Dümmen Orange and Hishtil will set up a joint standard of product specifications, to assure consistent quality of all Basewell® products to their customers.
• The MoU is effective as per season 2020. Hishtil will start applying Basewell® to its production and product labelling.
• A whole new range of Basewell® herbs-products from Hishtil will become available to the North American market.
Amit Dagan, General Manager with Hishtil, regards this opportunity as a strategic next step, “Basewell® fits Hishtils’ mission perfectly to provide horticultural solutions by utilizing innovative and economic technologies based on cutting edge knowledge and technology. We are excited to be able to have our products offered in this new form. We see this as being another solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

Basewell® is a state-of-the-art rooting technology for growers across the globe that simplifies processes, optimizes space, and saves labor. The technology utilizes an off-shore propagation process to deliver high quality bare-root cuttings directly to the grower.

Olivier Aretz, Managing Director Product Teams & Strategy with Dümmen Orange adds, “The Basewell® family is growing and becoming the standard in the market for bare-rooted cuttings production. Our customers will benefit from this new collaboration because it gives them access to a wider range of products, making it more attractive to them to invest in their business by starting to apply Basewell® to their production processes.”

Basewell® technology delivers multiple benefits for the grower:
• Simplifies processes: The bare-root cutting form allows the grower to order rooted product directly from the production farm, decreasing order lead time and maximizing flexibility in program planning.
• Optimizes space: The grower receives a product that is ready to transplant directly into the finish container. Consequently, more production turns can be completed and expensive propagation space can be converted into profit-generating finish production space.
• Saves labor: Basewell® is available in two configurations, including full strips and individual cells that are compatible with automated sticking methods. The individual cells are also suitable for non-automated production, where workers can quickly transplant the product by hand into the finish container.


Dümmen Orange is the world’s largest breeder and propagator of cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials. Its annual turnover is about €350 m. The company employs over 7,300 people worldwide. In addition to a large marketing and sales network, Dümmen Orange has a diversified network of specialized production sites. The key to Dümmen Orange’s success is a broad and deep product range, supported by a global supply chain. The company embraces its social responsibilities and invests in the health, safety and personal development of its staff.

Hishtil is a world leader of seedlings and young plants of herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Hishtil is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge based plant propagation. Its innovative approach that combines horticulture expertise and industry awareness with the benefits of cutting-edge technology results in production of the healthiest possible plant material. Being a market leader in the world of advanced horticultural nurseries, Hishtil is constantly developing unique technologies and production protocols in order to keep up with the ever changing market demands. Hishtil established a global nurseries network with a yearly production that totals well over one billion young plants.


For more information please contact:

Olivier Aretz - Managing Director Product Teams & Strategy Dümmen Orange
o.aretz@dummenorange.com / M. +31 683 624 739

Eyal Inbar – Hishtil Export Sales Manager
eyali@hishtil.com / M. +972 50 2001331