November 29, 2019

Dümmen Orange and Avalanche+® growers continue successful partnership

Avalanche+ rose growers extend their long-term contract

Dümmen Orange and the Avalanche+® growers cooperative are extending their partnership for at least another four years. This should strengthen the market position of these unique high-quality Avalanche+® roses even further in the coming period.

Although Dümmen Orange and the Avalanche+ cooperative were already involved in a collaboration lasting until 2022, Karel van Rijn (Board member for the Dümmen Orange growers' cooperative and rose grower) and Koen Stigter (Product Manager Rose at Dümmen Orange) signed a contract to extend the partnership to 2026 in a celebratory meeting. Karel van Rijn had this to say about the collaboration: 'Obviously, extending the contract says something about the success we've already enjoyed. We've been working closely with Dümmen Orange since 2013.’

The Avalanche+ cooperative consists of a select group of Dutch growers who belong to the leading companies of the cut flower sector and ensure that their large-flowered roses are available in a range of splendid colours and outstanding quality all year round. By working closely with this growers' cooperative and devoting great attention to marketing its products, Dümmen Orange has ensured that Avalanche+ has become a familiar name among florists and distributors everywhere. Around 25% of the Dutch production area for cut roses is dedicated to Avalanche+.

By now, Avalanche+ is a real power brand that represents the best-known cut roses on the Dutch market. Internationally, it's also by far the most popular flower for special events such as royal and celebrity weddings and decorations in the Vatican City. Its large fabulous bud always opens fully, and Avalanche+ provides long, strong stems with notably few thorns, fresh deep green foliage and a truly impressive vase life: these roses will look great for up to 14 days.

Koen Stigter is very pleased with the extended contract: 'The successful partnership involving Dümmen Orange and the Avalanche+ growers began back in 2013, so we are also looking forward to working together on promoting such a great product in coming years. The Avalanche+ cooperative consists of the best rose growers in the world: people dedicated to providing consumers with a top-quality product every day of the year. It's an honour for Dümmen Orange to work with these growers and to share in building our future. The advantageous characteristics of Avalanche+ will also make it the first choice for a white rose in the years ahead.'

Karel van Rijn added: 'Together, we create professional marketing communications. The brand awareness for Avalanche+ is 100% among European florists. Recently we conducted a large survey among florists in Europe, which showed that most of them began buying more Avalanche+ roses during the last two years. Another important factor in the partnership, of course, is the exclusivity provided by our growers' cooperative. We are among the very few in our sector that have managed to establish a strong brand. That's really fantastic. Ronald Grootscholten at Florpartners has been managing the collaboration. Since this kind of partnership requires independent and professional management, we know we're in good hands with Florpartners.'