January 22, 2018

Calla.nl product range to be unveiled at IPM

LISSE (The Netherlands) – The brand new Calla.nl product range from Dümmen Orange is to be unveiled to the trade at this year’s IPM in Essen, Germany, which takes place from 23 to 26 January. Established in May last year, Calla.nl is part of Dümmen Orange and is the world market leader in callas (Zantedeschia).

Calla.nl is a business that arose out of the deep-rooted experience of G. Geerlings & Zn (Noordwijkerhout, NL) in growing, trading in and processing calla tubers, combined with the extensive product portfolio of two well-known companies. Golden State Bulb Growers (GSBG, USA) and Sande Holland bv (’t Zand, NL) both run leading-edge breeding programmes with genetics from Europe, the USA and New Zealand. Calla.nl offers the very best quality and availability via a closed supply chain. As the market leader, Calla.nl supplies the entire available range, including all United Calla products.

The www.calla.nl website is now live and will be constantly updated with more product information over the next few months. The new Calla.nl catalogue containing the entire product range and product descriptions is also available. Copies of the catalogue can be obtained from the special Calla Showroom at IPM.

The Netherlands is already the largest producer of calla tubers in the world. Dutch calla tubers have been used by customers all over the world for both cut and pot use with a year-round planting schedule. The Netherlands offers the perfect growing conditions for calla tubers with sandy loam soils and a stable climate and temperature all year round.

Calla.nl by Dümmen Orange is built on more than 200 years of experience and knowledge (G. Geerlings & Zn. was established in 1892, Golden State Bulb Growers (GSBG) in 1901 and Sande in 1980). This experience and passion for customers and callas is shared by all three companies. Under the Dümmen Orange banner they will be investing in new technologies and research and working on cultivars with improved disease resistance and productivity traits.


The Calla.nl sales office is located at Leidsevaart 122, 2211 VS Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, tel. +31 (0)252 37 03 00. E-mail: calla@dummenorange.com.

For more information: Linda van der Slot, Marketing Manager, tel. +31 (0)252 43 48 37 or e-mail:lvanderslot@hobaho.nl - www.calla.nl