I'CONIA® Miss Montreal

  • Tolerant of heat and stress
  • Well-branched
  • Resilient in shipping
  • Large blooming begonias
  • Code
  • Product group
    Begonia hybrids
  • series
    I'CONIA® Miss
  • color group
  • Comportamento
    Semi-Ricadente Semi-Ricadente
  • vigore
    medio-vigoroso medio-vigoroso
  • flower color
    cream/hot pink
  • size
    XL extra large
  • tipo
    doppio doppio
  • Precocità
    medio medio
  • Colore del fogliame
    Verde scuro
  • Adatto
  • Concepts
    Cottage Dreams
    Lovely Landscaping
  • variety type
    Commercial Variety

Retail solutions

Make the most of your products by adding a branded experience. Additional to the perfect mixes, all sharing the same growing and flowering time they are attractive point of sale products. You can enrich the colourful character of your products by adding our branded retail solutions.

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