June 08, 2022

Show gardens Dümmen Orange full of brand new genetics

Dümmen Orange’s Smartunia Windmill – the world’s first Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) resistant Petunia series.


Dümmen Orange is showing a unique range of new products and retail concepts in its German and Dutch show gardens this year. Highlights include Smartunia Windmill, the world’s first TMV resistant Petunia series, and the eco-friendly Senecio hybrid series Mandala.

Plants powered for a greener future: Smartunia Windmill with natural resistance


Reliable growth – that's the promise from the world's first Petunia series with natural resistance against tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). The Intrinsa Petunia series Smartunia Windmill enters the European market with three attractive bicolor varieties. They have a distinct advantage compared to all other Petunia varieties: Dümmen Orange’s Intrinsa plants are intrinsically stronger and healthier, enabling them to be produced using more environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. This ensures greater profitability for both growers and retailers, as well as prolonged pleasure for the end consumer.


The Intrinsa range is the result of Dümmen Orange’s intensive and modern breeding program. Over 200 experts now work in the company’s Breeding Technology Center (BTC). By deciphering and analyzing the genetic code of plants, researchers learn about the precise biological causes for existing or missing resistances. This knowledge enables them to systematically improve and expand on the plants’ inherent traits. The R&D teams have already been able to identify over 50 traits to breed for natural resistance and tolerance in the company's best-selling crops. The traits are now gradually being integrated into the breeding pipeline, with the researchers also taking note of the plants’ perfection in terms of flower shape, growth habit and shelf life in addition to the reliability in production and throughout the entire supply chain.


Senecio Mandala: appealing to growers, consumers and the environment


Mandala and Mandala Plus are two new, attractive and sustainable Senecio hybrid series comprising ten individual varieties. Their abundant flowering and intensive colors are unique in the market. Eco-friendly qualities such as low PGR and water requirements make them appealing to growers, consumers and the environment alike. They are suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Mandala is a perfect indoor pot plant, and the larger and even longer flowering Mandala Plus varieties are ideal for garden planting.


Salvia Royal Magenta and Navy Blue: compact, upright growth and good branching

There are two new single varieties of Salvia nemorosa, Navy Blue and Royal Magenta, providing a charming complement to the existing color spectrum, from white to dark blue, and pink. The two newcomers are easy to cultivate and are a perfect match in terms of their characteristics. They convince with compact, upright growth, and good branching. They flower in their first year, which will appeal to both insects and flower lovers. Fast to grow, uniform in shape, suitable for overwintering, great on their own or in mixed containers, and the designated 2023 Perennial of the Year – what more could you ask for?

Kissed by the sun: Pelargonium Santana


The seven interspecific Santana varieties impress with a wide range of colors and add fresh zest to Dümmen Orange’s Pelargonium range. They defy extreme weather conditions and have excellent heat tolerance. With their dark green foliage and flowers with lavish large petals, these eye-catchers are an excellent choice for containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. Santana is an extraordinary performer across the board – from production and retail right through to the customer. Excellently synchronized earliness and growth habits within and among the varieties round off this amazing series.

Calla Red Symphony®: durable in the shop, at events and at home

Red Symphony is a floriferous Calla with an outstanding shelf life on the shop floor and with the consumer. The warm red flower color contrasts nicely with the dark green speckled leaves. Red Symphony can be grown all year round both as a pot plant and cut flower. Its beautiful red flowers lend a clear signature to a mixed bouquet and are also doing excellent in the event industry thanks to their long vase life. As pot plant, this striking variety is suitable for various pot sizes and can be easily grown both indoors and outdoors.

Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Izabel: yellow newcomer with uniform habit

Garden daisies belong to early summer like sunshine does. The six charming Sweet Daisy varieties are now joined by their first yellow sibling: Sweet Daisy Izabel. Like the other members of the series, the bright yellow newcomer is very compelling with its uniform plant habit, deep green foliage, strong petals, and even flowering. This dazzling new daisy will bring sunshine right to your doorstep, whether in pots or in your flower beds – and it is also great in combinations.

Show gardens open all summer

Dümmen Orange’s show gardens in Rheinberg (Germany) and De Kwakel (The Netherlands) are open all summer. From week 24 to September, visitors can get acquainted with the breeder’s entire range of annuals, perennials and pot plants, talk shop and exchange ideas about brand new genetics.

The Trend Center – part of the show garden in Rheinberg – is loaded with inspiring ideas for growers and retailers. Visitors can see the latest trends in retail and soak-up inspiration for plants, pots, mixes, themes and creative sales concepts. The show garden in De Kwakel is well-known for its beautiful perennial garden. Here you will find a large selection of the bedding plant and potted chrysanthemum range on display, as well as highlights from both Dümmen Orange’s Tropical Plants and Flower Bulb product groups.

Customers wishing to visit the show gardens in week 24 can register at www.flowertrials.com. In the months thereafter, the gardens can be visited after registration via a Dümmen Orange Sales representative.