January 18, 2022

Regional supply chain strategy Dümmen Orange takes shape

The Dümmen Orange mother stock location in Embu, Kenya


Dümmen Orange is on track to implement its regional supply chain strategy. This strategy, intended to set up an even more reliable supply chain and thus better guarantee product quality, provides for the relocation of mother plant production from Central America to Africa and vice versa.


‘In this way we bring production and markets closer together,’ according to Noelia Mansilla, President EMEA of Dümmen Orange. ‘We are making gains in particular in the south-north product flow. Transport times are shorter and we can improve our cold chain. This strengthens the quality of our products and our customers can benefit from even better starter material.’


A group of Dümmen Orange customers recently visited the company's mother stock location in Embu, Kenya, where they had the opportunity to view the NGI, Dahlia and Coleus production that is now growing there. These varieties were produced in Guatemala and El Salvador until 2020.


Willem Selen, Managing Director of Dümmen Orange in Kenya: ‘We are very satisfied with the performance of the products that we have brought to Kenya from Central America. We see growth of the various crops and production being fully in line with what we had in mind. Our visiting customers were impressed by the set-up and the motivated team here in Embu.’


Take a closer look at our mother stock location in Embu, and learn how we ensure the highest quality possible.