June 10, 2021

Plenty of novelties in the Dümmen Orange show gardens

Dümmen Orange is showing a unique range of new products and retail concepts in its German and Dutch show gardens this year. Highlights include additions to the I'CONIA begonia range; the new Calibrachoa series Tik Tok and the extraordinarily reliable Calla variety Gold Label. The show gardens in Rheinberg (Germany) and De Kwakel (the Netherlands) are open throughout the summer. From week 24 to September customers can come by appointment to get a good idea of the current range of annuals, perennials and flowering pot plants, as well as the latest retail concepts.

I´CONIA: new Bacio series

The new Bacio series is part of Dümmen’s well-known I´CONIA Begonia range . There are four single colors available: Orange, Salmon, White and Peach, all with an impressively large number of medium-sized double blooms and a long flowering window. Their compact, round growth make them perfect for cultivation in 12-14 cm pots.

New Calibrachoa series: Tik Tok

The new Calibrachoa series, Tik Tok, captures everyone's attention with its combination of a dark ring around the center of the flower and yellow star tapering to the leaves. Four dazzling colors are available for launch: Rose, Amethyst, Chrystal and Blue. The new varieties are early, day-neutral and ideal for producing in 12-14 cm pots or hanging baskets.

Gold Label: exceptionally reliable

Gold Label is an exceptionally reliable Calla variety and a beautiful plant for production in various pot sizes. The above-average number of intense yellow flowers are medium-sized and beautifully formed. In addition, Gold Label is very fast-growing and shows uniformity in the greenhouse. The plant has a good shelf life, retains its beauty over a long period of time and ensures maximum enjoyment for the consumer.

Confetti Garden

The Confetti Garden concept is well-known for its reliability, assurance and innovation. All varieties in the mixes grow uniformly and their properties are perfectly coordinated. In addition to a large range of annuals, new mixes of perennials, pot chrysanthemums, kalanchoes and pot carnations are available now. In the latter segment, the new Confetti Garden Carnelia Wild Panther is a particular highlight.

Dahlia Novation

The new Dahlia series, Novation, is available for launch in eight colors. With large double blooms, an extensive flowering window and good branching habit, Novation White, Yellow, Salmon, Red, Ruby, Pink, Lavender Bicolor and Pink Bicolor are a true inspiration. These early flowering varieties with strong colors and good garden performance make for an attractive sales proposition. They are perfect for producing in 10.5–13 cm pots and are resistant to powdery mildew.

Euphorbia milii – Maxi Pink Cadillac

Everyone knows Euphorbia milii. This flowering succulent probably stood in the windowsill at your grandparents’ house. Green plants, succulents and cacti have been on trend for years and the craze is here to stay. Plants that are easy to care for are in high demand, especially among the younger generation. Euphorbia milii fits in perfectly with this trend. It is a low-maintenance plant with the added bonus of charming flowers. Maxi Pink Cadillac, one of the newest varieties, is selected for its compact growth, good branching and strong color.

The show garden in Rheinberg will display the full range of Dümmen Orange’s bedding and perennial assortment. From 14 June to 23 July, visitors can see a special retail presentation in the brand new Retail Solutions Area. The show garden in De Kwakel is well-known for its beautiful perennial garden. From 15 to 25 June, an additional presentation will show the majority of Dümmen Orange’s bedding plants and pot chrysanthemum range, plus highlights from both the tropical plants and flower bulb product groups.

A digital tour is available for customers who do not have the opportunity to visit the show gardens in person. From week 25, the entire show garden can be viewed by video or 360 tour via the Dümmen Orange website: https://emea.dummenorange.com/site/de/tools-for-you/digital-garden-2021. Special videos provide a more detailed picture of the product range and its highlights.