August 15, 2022

Plantarium: new LaDiva Big Night lavender and SpinTop Mango gaillardia

Dümmen Orange showcases new LaDiva Big Night lavender and SpinTop Mango gaillardia at Plantarium



Dümmen Orange is showcasing two new products at this year’s Plantarium event, which will take place on 24 and 25 August in Hazerswoude/Boskoop, the Netherlands. Alongside the new LaDiva Big Night lavender, the breeder’s SpinTop Mango gaillardia will take center stage.


Lavandula stoechas LaDiva Big Night


With its excellent production traits and superb versatility, the new LaDiva Big Night French lavender exhibits superior garden performance, which is shown to its advantage both in private gardens—either on a balcony or patio, or planted out in a bed—and in professional gardening and landscaping projects.


The wonderful color contrast achieved by the abundant dark inflorescences that really stand out from the greyish foliage, makes this new variety truly captivating. The plants have a dense, compact growth habit and are perfect for cultivating in 2-liter containers. LaDiva Big Night flowers in its first year and has a long blooming window. It is also extremely heat-tolerant and insect-friendly.


Gaillardia aristata SpinTop Mango


The new SpinTop Mango gaillardia is one of the exhibition stand’s particular highlights. It is the latest addition to the SpinTop series, characterized by an impressive upright and solid growth habit. Like all gaillardia SpinTop varieties, Mango is compact and well-branching, and blooms early with a uniform flower canopy. The intense luminance of its yellow flowers cannot be overlooked, making it a real eye-catcher at the point of sale and in the garden.