April 23, 2020

Our Aalsmeer location reached Greencare status!

About 2 years ago the perennial breeding location in Aalsmeer, Holland started to upgrade its phytosanitarian standard. Back then it seemed almost impossible to turn it into a Greencare location. It was not an easy task while dealing with 25 different crops and  their particular cultivation, viruses and testing. In addition the team had to take in consideration  the specific character of perennials that grow and flower in the greenhouse as well as in the outside field, where they are exposed to thrips and other insects that can transmit viruses.

Thanks to their joint efforts the team in Aalsmeer reached their goal. Following the audit, Aalsmeer is now officially a Greencare location! It’s also the first breeding location that complies with the Crop Protection Policy. Location manager Robin Reuring is proud of his team and other people involved!!

GreenCare is the phytosanitary policy of Dümmen Orange to deliver healthy and clean starting material to growers worldwide. It guides us to prevent, control and minimize phytosanitary risks from breeding to production. Greencare describes mandatory preventive hygiene measures for people and locations to keep plants clean. Greencare sets guidelines on how to control a clean stock of plants by diagnostic tests, scouting on pests and diseases, audits and inspections. If a symptom is detected Greencare prevents shipping of infected material and guides how to clean up the stock. Greencare connects a worldwide team to improve products and processes with the goal to learn from experience and do things better.