May 26, 2021

New Phalaenopsis show house in Germany saves time on testing

Dümmen Orange, breeder and propagator of high-quality flowers and plants, is opening a new Phalaenopsis show house at Bremkens Orchids in Germany. Visitors can stop by from week 21 until week 24 for the first ever Orchid Open Days, appointment based only. The whole Dümmen Orange assortment, including new introductions, will be in full bloom during these weeks.


Best of both worlds


In the past growers had to travel to SOGO in Taiwan to experience the full Phalaenopsis assortment of  Dümmen Orange. Now there is a more convenient option available with a show house on the European continent. Peter Aalbregt, sales manager Phalaenopsis at Dümmen Orange: ‘The location being closer to home is not even the biggest advantage, it saves time on testing. Growers get to experience all Dümmen Orange varieties in the European climate’.

With the breeding department in Taiwan and a show house in Europe, Dümmen Orange combines best of both worlds. ‘Most of the novelty traits in Phalaenopsis origin from Taiwan’ says Chao Yi Lin, product manager Phalaenopsis at Dümmen Orange. Chao Yi: ‘We’re not only keeping ahead with our own novelties, we also cooperate with other well-known Taiwanese Phalaenopsis breeders and now also show their new coming commercial varieties in the European climate’.


New big lip types


Dümmen Orange is well-known for its mini Phalaenopsis assortment, but the assortment goes beyond minis only. For the past seven years the breeding department in Taiwan has been working on good quality standard type Phalaenopsis, with emphasis on big lip types. These new varieties are now flowering in a commercial trial in Europe for the first time. Anyone interested can book an appointment via Dümmen Orange and experience the new standard types, multifloras, XL flowers for shaping cascade and the well-known mini collection. All under one roof.