October 24, 2022

Heat-tolerant and water-saving: the large-flowered Kalanchoe series 'Calor'

Heat-Tolerant and Water-Saving: The Large-Flowered Kalanchoe Series “Calor” with Outstanding Garden Performance.

In light of climate change, succulents are experiencing a comeback like virtually no other plant group. The Kalanchoe series “Calor” by Dümmen Orange fits perfectly with this trend and certainly lives up to its Spanish name. The varieties are completely heat and drought-tolerant – after all, they were bred specifically with these traits in mind. And they have many more outstanding qualities besides.

Four Impressive Colors

The series includes four distinct individual varieties: the crimson red “Kamba”, intense light violet “Bratan”, two-tone “Casita” with pink centers and white edges and bright orange “Colima”. Each variety is perfectly suited to being kept outdoors and displays excellent garden performance. The plants have a medium-strong habit and are well-branching. As a result, their individual flowers create the overall impression of a radiant ball of color. This is accentuated by the size of the flowers, which have a diameter ranging from 1.7 cm on the “Kamba” variety to 1.9 cm on the “Bratan” variety. This is appreciated not only by the consumer, but also by the insects that land on their large, striking succulent flowers.

Strong Plants
The single-flowered “Calor” Kalanchoe series was bred for cultivation in large pots. Growers need just one cutting per 15 cm pot. The series naturally has a high resistance to powdery mildew. In terms of its growing habit and response time, the orange-colored “Colima” differs somewhat from the other varieties in the series. It is slightly more vigorous and robust, and requires a little longer for flower induction – 10 weeks as opposed to 8.5 weeks.

Ideal for both Indoors and Out
The series’ resistance to powdery mildew is an impressive advantage, and not just for growers. It also has its plus points for the consumer. Plant care mistakes such as overwatering don’t have too much of an impact. “Calor” always exhibits superior performance, whether it's outdoors during the summer or inside all year round. Its outstanding shelf life makes it a long-lasting bestseller that's also impressive at the POS.

You don’t have to look hard to find additional sales arguments – this new Kalanchoe series offers consumers an ultra-trendy plant in four fantastic colors, whose striking blooms provide food for an abundance of insects. And, since they only need to be watered once a week, the plants enable consumers to save water. In short: Consumers can look forward to some fantastic, low-maintenance plants with a reliable, long-lasting performance!