January 09, 2023

Follow the Polar Star

Pure white bracts lead the way— Euphorbia pulcherrima Polar Star is the new white poinsettia variety from Dümmen Orange. Reliable in production and stable in color—even after purchase. Its strong roots and highly vigorous growth habit render early potting unnecessary. Ideal for medium-sized pots to containers, and suitable for producing midis, standards, maxis, and trees—what more could you want?


Follow the Polar Star— the new variety with pure white bracts, shining bright in a sky full of poinsettias

It shines clear and bright like the North Star, just a little closer to home. Euphorbia pulcherrima Polar Star is the new white poinsettia variety from international plant breeding company Dümmen Orange. The recently launched poinsettia has pure white bracts that retain their color without fail, even after purchase.

Unique Color

Growers nowadays have the luxury of choosing from a broad spectrum of white poinsettia varieties. The color “white”, however, is wide-ranging. Numerous shades from cream to very delicate apricot and even lemon still form part of this color group. True pure white varieties, on the other hand, are a rarity. Especially a pure white that retains its immaculate color in production under various conditions, and for a long time once it reaches the consumer. In launching the new Polar Star variety, Dümmen Orange has succeeded in creating a true star.

Striking Plants

And it's not just the pure white bracts that make this new medium-early variety the shining star of the poinsettia segment. Polar Star is also easier and more reliable to cultivate than other white poinsettias, not least due to its strong root system. This striking new variety is also true to its name, from production through to the end consumer, because Polar Star retains its pure, bright whiteness throughout, without turning yellow.

Strong Growth

For growers, the new variety is a true asset they can rely on. In addition to having strong roots, it is also a highly vigorous variety, so early potting is not necessary. The plants are well-branching, making them ideal for cultivation in pot sizes from medium through to container. They are especially well-suited to production as midis, standards, maxis, and trees. The response time of this new highlight is 8 weeks.

The new Polar Star variety is truly an exceptional talent among white poinsettias. Those looking for a special eye-catching variety will not be able to resist Dümmen Orange’s “Polar Star”. And who could blame them? The new variety is absolutely captivating! Both in production and in its final destination.

White Beauties


Polar Star joins a wide-ranging assortment of white poinsettias from this renowned breeding company. In the medium-early segment with an eight-week response time, there are yet more reliable poinsettia varieties such as Infinity Polar, Frozen, and the recent addition, Moni. Infinity Polar is another robust poinsettia, which has delicate white bracts and is very well suited to production in standard sizes through to trees. Frozen has large white bracts and is perfect for production in pot sizes from 12 to 17 cm. Moni, on the other hand, is a medium-vigorous variety that can be cultivated in midi through to maxi-sized pots. This enables its pure white bracts and good cultivation properties to shine through.