February 04, 2022

Dümmen Orange wins LTO Novelty Award for Poinsettia Thor

The Poinsettia 'Thor' from Dümmen Orange has won the 2021 LTO Novelty Award from Glastuinbouw Nederland (Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands). The award is presented every year to the best new Poinsettia variety.


Six breeders participated with a total of 22 varieties. Every year the participating breeders send in their new varieties, which are grown on two farms, on tables or on ground cloth. The winner is determined on the basis of multiple inspections and a shelf-life test. During these inspections, the following traits were assessed: compactness, sturdiness, branching, evenness, sprouting, root development and an overall impression.


“We are very grateful to receive the 2021 LTO Poinsettia award for best Novelty,” says Ties Klapwijk, Lead Regional Product Management at Dümmen Orange. “Thor is a variety that performs exceptionally well in shelf life tests and fortunately this is reflected in the results. We see that this trait is becoming more and more important for the chain we are in, and so we are happy to add this variety to our commercial assortment.”


The Award was received on behalf of Dümmen Orange by Frank Piron, Account Manager & Regional Product Manager. “It's great that this award puts our Thor in the spotlight,” says Frank. “This variety has a striking red color and the v-shape habit we are looking for. I look forward to seeing this variety in commercial production in the coming seasons.”


Within Glastuinbouw Nederland, various organizations work together on influencing policy and innovation programs within the greenhouse horticulture sector. Together they represent 75% of the total greenhouse horticulture area in the Netherlands.