January 24, 2024

Dümmen Orange wins at IPM Novelties Show

Dümmen Orange's Ties Klapwijk (left) and Tobias Guré receive the IPM Plant Novelty Award for Mandala Plus Magic Purple, at IPM in Essen.



Dümmen Orange's Mandala Plus Magic Purple has won the Plant Novelty of the IPM 2024 Award in the Spring-Flowering Plants category at IPM in Essen, Germany.


The Mandala and Mandala Plus Pericallis series have a WOW effect on consumers. As an outdoor plant, it is highly floriferous, creating a spring-like atmosphere in the garden with fancy bicolor effects. It is guaranteed to dispel any winter blues with its intense colors. In comparison to other series, Mandala requires less growth regulation (PGRs), making this spring-flowering Pericallis an attractive and more sustainable option.


Ties Klapwijk, Head of Product Management, Retail & Marketing APP EMEA, says, "We are very proud of this award. It is further proof that our work as an innovative breeder is recognized by the professional world."


Since 2008, the latest plant innovations have been exhibited and honored at the IPM Novelties Show at IPM Essen. 'Innovations' in terms of the exhibition regulations include new breeds and new wild and growth forms that have not been known until now and have not been exhibited at any other German fair.