February 03, 2022

Dümmen Orange sharpens consumer profiles

Dümmen Orange has further sharpened the profiles of consumer target groups in a variety of flower and plant segments. This allows us and our customers to align product ranges with market demand as accurate as possible. ‘Consumer tastes are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they search specifically for sustainable, easy-to-grow, unusual or bee-friendly plants,’ says Martina Gerhards, Marketing Manager at Dümmen Orange. ‘Their approach is very personal, with everyone wanting plants that suit their particular lifestyle.’


Dümmen Orange has connected trends and target audiences to so-called personas, a description of imaginary consumers typical of a trend. Martina Gerhards: ‘We distinguish the Individualist, the Minimalist, the Nature Lover and the Traditionalist. We are actively reaching out to our customers now, to show and discuss how Dümmen Orange’s products can address the needs of each and every target group. For this we have produced a series of videos, which we share with our partners, and which are available in the Digital Garden on our website.’




According to Dümmen Orange, individualists love to create their own stuff and customize things to create their very own universe. In essence, they want to have what others don’t have. Martina Gerhards: ‘You’ll find the typical Individualist somewhere within the younger age brackets of 20 – 39, and we see an overlap with a Do-it-Yourself audience. They just love to find their own colourful way. Crazy combinations in decoration and special mixes are favourites. Everything is allowed!’




For this target group, flowers and plants are a design accent. It’s about a unique shape of the leaves, outstanding geometrical patterns or rare flower types. The modern Minimalist has usually smaller rooms, maybe a tiny balcony and not much time to care for plants. ‘While most of the target groups for our products are mainly women, we can see a rising number of men, especially in the Minimalist area,’ says Gerhards. ‘They buy easy-care products and mini plants in 6-8 cm pots, for example, to create simplicity and calmness in a minimalist home.’


Nature Lover


‘What comes to mind when you think of a Nature Lover’s garden?’ asks Gerhards. ‘Right – It’s a wild looking pollinator garden with a lot to see. An ocean of colours, with happy, busy bees and different heights and shapes of flowers. For this predominantly female target group, between 35 and 65 years old, the garden is their very own oasis and the place to regain energy. Clearly preferring Perennials, since most of them are sustainable over the years, they create their very own personal paradise.’




Traditionalists have a classical garden or a balcony with planters and pots all over the place and on the window sills. Martina Gerhards: ‘You might also find hanging baskets and materials like terracotta pots and more classical flower colours like red and white. You can see these preferences in their indoor taste as well, since many of them buy poinsettias for Christmas in classical red. They purchase a lot of plants and flowers, both for indoors and outdoors, so they certainly are one of the biggest consumer groups in terms of volume, and often experts in their favourite plant species.’