June 24, 2021

Cut chrysanthemum bloom trial: Pina Colada and Ilonka in the spotlight

Dümmen Orange’s cut chrysanthemum bloom trial traditionally showed many novelties, as well as proven successes. This year, visitors to De Lier could admire a wide range of varieties with international market potential, such as Pina Colada, Ilonka, Ballerinas and Veronica.

In special concept presentations, the double-flowered cut chrysanthemum Pina Colada and the single-flowered Ilonka were put in the spotlight. Various displays showed that both cut chrysanthemums can be presented and arranged attractively in retail. ‘Thinking out of the box’ is the guiding principle here.

Pina Colada has more flowers

Pina Colada is known for its large volume per stem. It was introduced in the color white, soon followed by a yellow and a cream variant. Compared to competing varieties, Pina Colada has more flowers on the stem. This allows florists to fill the bouquet better, or more stitching can be done.

Ilonka: The Perfect White

Ilonka is known for its flawless white flowers, the green heart and many flowers on the stem. This chrysanthemum, with its fresh and pure white petals, is the successor of the Bacardi. Ilonka is perfect for a florist looking for the whitest spray chrysanthemum around.

Breeding Technology Center

Visitors to the cut chrysanthemum bloom trial in De Lier were given the opportunity to visit the Breeding Technology Center (BTC). The BTC is home to all Dümmen Orange’s research facilities in the field of breeding technology and traits to realize faster breeding and selection processes, enabling access to superior products for customers worldwide. The BTC is also the home for scientists and breeders who jointly develop next generation varieties in a smarter way. It houses laboratories, offices, meeting rooms, climate chambers and greenhouse facilities for all research disciplines needed for Dümmen Orange’s traits and technology programs.