November 07, 2019

Coming Soon!

Green Trend Report #2

Our green world, the world of flowers and plants, is changing fast. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to respond effectively to the wishes and expectations of consumers. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a crystal ball to peek into the future? To gain insight into new developments at a glance? We could see which trends persevere and grasp emerging opportunities in regard to green. It would make a huge difference to everyone in our industry - growers, breeders and retailers.

Unique experiment
We don't have a crystal ball, but instead we have a better alternative: the Green Trend Report. The Report gives you an inspiring look into the latest trends and developments and further, beyond the horizon. This second edition of the Green Trend Report is the result of a unique experiment. Floramedia, Dümmen Orange and Royal Lemkes combined their talents and expertise for a joint look into the future. This beautifully designed book is a striking example of one of the trends it describes: ensuring a flourishing green sector by forging partnerships!

The Green Trend Report #2 will be launched on November 28th in the Netherlands.