March 05, 2024

Anthurium production Dümmen Orange continues independently as Rijnplant

Photo: With the symbolic handover of the baton, Hugo Noordhoek Hegt (on the right), CEO Dümmen Orange, hands over Dümmen Orange's Anthurium production to Paulo Reis, Director of Rijnplant.



Anthurium producer Rijnplant from De Lier (the Netherlands), part of Dümmen Orange since 2015, is independent again as of March 1. Under the leadership of Director Paulo Reis, Rijnplant is committed to continuing its service to customers worldwide, offering a diverse and innovative range of Anthurium varieties. Dümmen Orange remains active as a breeder in the Anthurium segment.


Paulo Reis: ”Rijnplant has been a leading producer of Anthurium since 1975, and we will remain so. It is a great responsibility for the new Rijnplant team to continue this legacy and do justice to all the hard work and energy that have been invested in this company over the past 49 years.”


Hugo Noordhoek Hegt, CEO of Dümmen Orange: ”Disposing of our Anthurium production aligns with our chosen business strategy. Dümmen Orange is primarily a breeder. Our focus is on developing and commercializing top genetics. As an independent Anthurium producer, Rijnplant is in a much stronger position, and I am confident in their continued success.”


Rijnplant aims to focus on the further development of production technologies, supplying top-quality products – both existing and new – and providing flawless service. Paulo Reis stated: “We have a wonderful portfolio of well-known varieties for the global market, and we are committed to continuing their supply. However, we also feel responsible for following up on everything in our test programs and pipelines. There is a lot of innovation happening in the field of new genetics, and we see tremendous potential for Rijnplant in this. Let the breeders focus on breeding, and we will take care of the rest!”