Dümmen Orange Webshop

A webshop for your convenience to book your products online 24/7

Order your products online and manage your orders yourself

Are you already doing business with us and do you want to manage your own orders? We have good news for you! With our webshop you can order your products whenever you want 24/7. You can manage all your orders online, your webshop orders and the regular ones.

How can I start using the webshop?

If you are an existing Dümmen Orange customer, please click on the button below to setup a webshop account.


Once approved, you can start ordering via our webshop by using the top right LOG IN button or use the button below.


Booking your orders in simple 3 steps

From our online product overview you can easily search and filter our assortment. Then you fill your shopping cart for the desired delivery weeks and finalize your order. Ordered products are reserved for you directly and confirmed within minutes.

Step 1: Select products per delivery week. 

Step 2: Check your shopping cart and make adjustments

Step 3: Finalize your order by giving in some order details and sent it to us. 

The greatest benefits for you

Ordering will take you less time, because you don’t have to email or call us. You can see our up-to-date product availability and you will receive a confirmation of this product reservation within minutes. The webshop will also help you in finding the best suitable substitutes if needed.

Another big plus is that you can Self Service your orders. You can update every product in your order: you might change the delivery week, add or reduce the desired amount or completely cancel products from your order. Of course there are some rules in place: online updates can’t be done within 3 weeks upon delivery and products can only be moved or ordered when there is availability.

In the meantime our Customer Service will still be available for you to help you out with all your inquiries and special requests.

Other benefits

Our webshop has more convenient features. We will name a few here.

First of all, you can easily re-order, by copying an existing order into your shopping cart, so you don’t have to look up all your varieties one by one. If these products are not available, the webshop will provide you substitutes.

Secondly, our webshop supports Surplus sales. From Tuesday 18:00 CET (Amsterdam time)  until Wednesday end of day you can order rooted surplus for next week. Rooted surplus for the week thereafter is available until Friday end of day.

With our Excel export you can export your order data to an Excel file and with our Weekly Totals overview we’ve summarized all the products you will receive per week per delivery location across all orders.

Recently, we introduced an Excel order import function. This is ideal for distributors that are processing a lot of customer orders and this function can also be used to import your surplus orders directly from the weekly surplus file. This file is shared by us via a distribution list of customers.

How can I start using the webshop?

If you are an existing Dümmen Orange customer, please click on the button below to setup a webshop account.


Once approved you will be notified and then you can login to our webshop via the top right LOG IN button and start using it.


If you are not a registered customer yet, please go to our Contact page and find the right colleague to help you start doing business with Dümmen Orange.

If you have any further questions regarding our webshop, please contact Customer Service or your Sales representative for more information. We are happy to help you.