Digital Garden Trends 2022

Welcome to our Digital Garden Trends

The idea behind Digital Garden Trends 2022 is to give you a preview of the latest market trends. Consumer tastes are becoming increasingly sophisticated as they search specifically for sustainable, easy to care for, unusual or bee-friendly plants. Their approach is very personal, with everyone wanting plants that suit their particular lifestyle. We have created four videos highlighting the key target groups to show you how our products can address their specific needs.


In addition, we have produced a series of short videos which feature our product managers showcasing their latest innovations for the coming season, as well as a photo gallery highlighting the key products from the trend videos.



The Individualists are a young target group aged 20–39 years. This target group is fairly balanced in terms of gender. Individualists like bright colors and unusual shapes. They tend to buy plants based on their appearance rather than their characteristics. They mix colors and shapes in whatever way they please to create unusual and eccentric combinations.


The Nature Lovers are a predominantly female target group aged 35–65 years. They have their own garden and spend a lot of time in it. They prefer perennial, long-lasting and insect-friendly plants, which they grow freely around the garden. Species, colors and shapes are randomly combined to create a wild-looking, natural overall impression.


Traditionalists are predominantly female and aged between 55 and 75. They prefer traditional types of plants in classic colors for both indoors and outdoors. Geraniums and petunias in standard colors – often arranged in containers, balcony planters and hanging baskets – are commonplace. Flowerbeds are planted with impatiens and dahlias. In terms of house plants, they prefer anthuriums and orchids, pot chrysanthemums, and red poinsettias at Christmas.  


For the Minimalist, less is more. This target group tends to be male and somewhat younger than the classic target groups in the plant sector. Due to lack of time, and often lack of space as well, Minimalists are looking for small, understated plants which are easy to care for. The plants are regarded as a design feature and make a small statement in their own way.



The popular Freya poinsettia has been joined by two siblings in stunning colors: the vibrant Freya Pink and noble Freya White. They are the perfect addition to complete the festive Christmas look and share the same outstanding characteristics as the successful red Freya.


The new Erysimum WallArt series comes in four fantastic, compact hybrid varieties ranging from delicate pearly white to bright pink-red and purple – a welcome addition to our perennial assortment. The strong color palette, very uniform growth habit, large flowers, long flowering season and attractive scent are guaranteed to deliver the wow factor.  


To launch the new season we have two new, extremely attractive and sustainable Senecio series, which come in ten fresh spring colors: Mandala and Mandala Plus. They are suitable for both winter and spring cultivation and their intense colors are guaranteed to banish any winter blues.

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