Our team has set up part of the Dümmen Orange booth at our German headquarters in Rheinberg - just 50 km from the Essen exhibition center - in order to bring you a preview of global trends as well as look ahead to our product highlights as usual. Come join us in our digital gardens and experience our products within the context of current trends.

Indoor Colour Themes


We want to introduce you to two indoor color themes, which will be important in 2021. In these times improving the appearance of our living spaces is becoming increasingly important. We want our homes to make us feel peaceful, safe, and above all comfortable. As a consequence, both pastel tones - stemming from the Nordic trend for comfort and coziness known as ‘hygge’ - and warm, natural earth tones are trends for the coming season.

In the next video, we introduce you to some highlights from our pot plant range, which blend perfectly with the color trends shown in the previous video.







Welcome to our Dümmen Orange Garden Party! Come along to our colorful garden and experience the sheer variety offered by our Confetti Garden and Confetti Garden Party mixes. These perfectly coordinated plant combinations assembled by our product specialists fit in fantastically with the trend for ready-made products. We can offer the right mix to suit all customers, occasions, locations and color schemes. Produce consumer-ready products in pots, containers or hanging baskets. As our motto says: “Confetti Garden is simply good fun and works every time!


In this next video, we introduce you to some highlights from our Confetti Garden product range that fit perfectly with the trend for ready-made planting solutions.




Not only is insect-friendly gardening on trend, it is also a way of investing in the future, and by planting a colorful array of flowers, it creates a real oasis of comfort for us humans, too. Insect-friendly gardens are characterized by their high levels of biodiversity. They are based primarily on flowering perennials, which attract insects and flower more beautifully year after year without needing much attention. The entire concept is enhanced by the addition of colorful summer flowering annuals, whose countless blooms ensure a steady supply of nectar and pollen. Insects love scented flowers and especially brightly colored flowers, which makes them an ideal choice for this trend. 



From our wide portfolio of products, we at Dümmen Orange – and indeed you as a customer – have access to a large number of plant varieties that are suitable for insect-friendly gardens. The choice and potential combinations for your clients are almost endless. Nevertheless, in the next video, we have hand-picked a few highlights for you from our assortment of perennial plants, which we believe are essential when establishing any garden.








The trend for easy-care, low-water-use planting schemes not only caters to our hectic modern lifestyles but also to the changes we have seen in our climate over the past few years. In today's newsletter, we would like to introduce you to a selection of easy-care plants that make life simpler for consumers and are capable of conjuring up an oasis in the garden without much effort or skill. Opting for easy-care, heat-resistant plants that cope well with drought does not mean having to go without flowers though. On the contrary! We are delighted to offer you a few suggestions in this video that will enable you to provide a wide array of products to your customers.



In this next video, we introduce you to some highlights from our succulent and outdoor kalanchoe product range that fit perfectly with the trend for easy-care, low-water-use plants.





Large-scale flower beds are becoming increasingly popular in both private gardens and public parks. More and more, we’re seeing the use of clear boundaries between color and pattern within planting schemes. In smaller outdoor spaces, pots and containers planted in coordinating colors make a striking impression. Natural colors and shapes are being explored liberally and without constraint. There are no limits to where our imagination can take us, and whether we choose annuals or perennials, or a combination of the two, it all culminates in a colorful carpet of flowers. 


Next, we introduce you in more detail to some of the highlights from our bedding plant range that are a perfect fit for this trend.