Welcome to our digital gardens! Take a virtual tour of our show gardens in Rheinberg (Germany) and De Kwakel (Netherlands) or check out individual products in our highlight videos. You’ll also find pictures of all our latest product innovations in our gallery.

At our show garden in Rheinberg (Germany) we present our entire range of bedding plants and perennials. You’re bound to find the perfect products for your cultivation program and your customers.

Our site in De Kwakel (Netherlands) is well known for its beautiful perennial garden. Be inspired by our product diversity and impressive planting schemes.


Stronger, healthier plants thanks to advanced breeding technology – The new Intrinsa Petunia series 'Smartunia Windmill' is the world's first Petunia series to be naturally resistant to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). It enters the European market with three new bicolor varieties and promises reliability in production and along the entire supply chain, from growers to retailers to consumers.

Our new interspecific Pelargonium series, Santana, breathes a breath of fresh air into our pelargonium range with seven varieties alongside a wide range of colors. They can withstand weather extremes and have greatly improved heat tolerance. The new series, with its dark green foliage and fantastically large flowers, demonstrates its outstanding performance along the entire supply chain, from production and retail through to the consumer.

Garden daisies are as synonymous with (early) summer as the sun itself and are a must for any perennial assortment. The wonderfully varied Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy series containing six single white varieties now welcomes its first yellow variety, the sunshine yellow Sweet Daisy Izabel. It too features a uniform plant structure, deep green foliage, strong blooms and an even number of flowers throughout.

Our two Senecio series Mandala and Mandala Plus are especially suited to the very early sales period at the start of the season. These extremely attractive and sustainable Senecio hybrid series comprising ten single varieties in total impress consumers with their abundance of flowers and incredibly vivid colors! They also boast environmentally friendly properties such as low PGR and water requirements, which is excellent news for both producers and consumers, as well as the environment.

The new Erysimum WallArt series comes in four fantastic, compact hybrid varieties ranging from delicate pearly white to bright pink-red and purple – a welcome addition to our perennial assortment. The strong color palette, very uniform growth habit, large flowers, long flowering season and attractive scent are guaranteed to deliver the wow factor.